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Toronto is ready for WPC2012

I literally just got back from a great week of planning and site visits in Toronto, and I must say I was impressed with the way this city is ready for WPC 2012.

From a partner experience point of view, it’s going to be a lot more friendly than LA. Hotels are nearby the convention center, lots of restaurants and bars in the downtown area. And Toronto is a very “walkable” city.

We have also spent a full day on the content of the conference. All related to the best kind of information partners can get. I cannot disclose too much at the moment but stay tuned because more information is coming soon.

So if you plan to attend WPC, start preparing now. We have got some great events up our sleeves, so make sure you register as soon as it opens.

I’m really confident about where we are with the conference to make this the best one so far.


BeLux Partner Events: Where To Go And What To Do

As a partner it is not always that easy to understand what events you should attend, considering the truckload of invites you probably see passing by. I just wanted to give a bit of background on our event strategy.

Basically, there are 2 main partner groups to simplify things:

  • partners that focus on Enterprise and Large Mid Market customers
  • partners that focus on Small & Medium Sized customers

Every year, there are 2 main events and every event will have an in-person version as well as an online part afterwards.

So, for Enterprise partners, this event is called Microsoft Connect, for SMB partners, it’s called Partner Roadshow. And then there’s the Worldwide Partner Conference in July for all partner types from around the world.

Let’s put this in a grid and you’ll see it’s actually very simple.

In Person Online
Enterprise Partners

Microsoft Connect
Microsoft Connect
SMB Partners 2011
Partner Roadshow
Partner Roadshow
All Partners WPC DigitalWPC


First up is 2011 Microsoft Connect on October 11th, 2011 in Affligem (Montil). If you consider yourself as a partner that fits the target group, you are more than welcome. If not, stay tuned for more news on the Partner Roadshow.


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