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Lead Your Customers to the Cloud with Practice Accelerator for Office 365 –

Now with updated content and a new delivery format!

When you register for Microsoft® Office 365 Practice Accelerator (PA), you can help transition your customers
to the cloud easily and quickly with consistent success. PA training is exclusively for Microsoft partners and is
designed to:

· Enable the delivery of consistently effective customer deployments

· Equip you with specialized training, tools and best practices from Microsoft

Simply use five of your partner advisory hours benefit to pay for this Practice Accelerator.

Special Offer: No cost for Microsoft Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate partners

Accelerate Sales and Deployment

Use the comprehensive, reusable collateral to help you identify customer requirements, define project scope,
and deploy solutions built on Office 365.


Register Now to Bring Increased Value to Your Customers

This practice accelerator provides intermediate to advanced-level training in engagement management for
Office 365 deployments. If you are a practice lead, technical planner, implementer or consultant with basic
knowledge of Office 365, this training is for you.


Office 365 Practice Accelerator (French)



29,30/04 & 03/05

Office 365 Practice Accelerator: Introduction and Business Envisioning (for Business Decision Makers)



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Activate your free Azure benefits in 3 steps

Developers working at a company that has a Microsoft competency have a nice set of free Azure benefits.  The benefits come with the free MSDN that comes with obtaining a competency (for example for the web development competency you get 10 MSDN accounts and 35 when you’re gold).
(check the overview of benefits that come with the different competencies)

Azure - Unlimited possibilities

Every MSDN has a value of 1500 € worth in Azure spending per year.

So in the case of a Silver web development partner yfor example, you could save up to 15000 € Azure of spending per year!

Here are a few steps to help you in the activation process:

1) The person managing the company profile in MPN should attach the developers that could benefit from a free MSDN account to the company with a LiveID. We recommend to use the business email address.

2) This person will then also be associated to the company and will get a Technical ID in MPN. This technical ID needs to be handed over to the developer.

3) Via the MSDN site the developer can then create an MSDN account and start using ALL MSDN benefits including the Azure benefits. Click on “Acces benefits from my account” on

If you encounter an issue in the process, please contact the free support number for Belgium at 0800 165 64. They will help you if you have an issue related to MPN or forward you if the issue is related to MSDN or Azure.

Hope this helped,