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Win a Windows Phone


Microsoft Partner Network Contest

Pass one of the below assessments before March 30 2014 and have a chance to win a Windows Phone.

· Communications Presales Technical Assessment
Find prep training here.

· Small Business Sales Assessment
Find prep training here.

· Messaging Sales Assessment
Find prep training here.

CRM Sales Assessment or CRM Presales Assessment

Winners of previous contest

Erik Moreau – Aurelium NV
Johan Pockele – Herithos
Wim Bartels – Bits4kmo
Filip Heens – Nikos
Tim De Wilde – E-TRACE

The assessment must be passed between March 24 and March 30 2014 by an individual working for a Microsoft partner in Belgium or Luxembourg.



Use this great opportunity to test your Knowledge



Chinese Quiz for SMB

Trouvez l’invitation en français ici.

Microsoft Chinese quiz     

Beste Partner,

Kom uw kennis en vaardigheden opfrissen op een ludieke en smakelijke wijze in de Microsoft TakeAway, waar u zoveel meer meeneemt dan enkel eten.
Weet jij de antwoorden op de quizvragen dan maak je kans om naar huis te gaan met een Windows 8 tablet of een Windows 8 Phone.
Datum: 12/06/2013
Timing: 18u-23u
Locatie: Hong Kong City – Mechelsesteenweg 214, 2650 Edegem

Office 365 Special met Cloud saus
Windows 8 met roze garnalen
Windows Server 2012 cookies
Intune met Babi Pangangsaus

Side orders
1. Meer verkoop
2. Meer talent
3. Meer passie
4. Minder honger
5. Veel Networking
En kans op een Windows 8 tablet of een Windows 8 Phone
Microsoft Chinese quiz

Verhoog je kansen om de Windows 8 tablet of de Windows 8 Phone te winnen. Door onderstaande assessments af te leggen, ken je reeds een aantal antwoorden voor de quizvragen!
MPN Sales Specialists & Competency assessments:
» Small Business & Cloud
» Desktop & Windows
» Windows Intune
» Management &Virtualization
Vragen? Contacteer:

Microsoft Chinese quiz

Microsoft Chinese quiz



Microsoft Chinese quiz

Cher Partenaire,

Venez rafraîchir vos connaissances et améliorer vos compétences de manière ludique et savoureuse au Microsoft TakeAway – où l’on fait bien plus que manger!!
Si vous connaissez les réponses au quiz, vous repartirez peut-être chez vous avec une tablette Windows 8 ou une Windows 8 Phone !
Datum: 10/06/2013
Timing: 18u-23u
Locatie: PING restaurant – Rue de la Station 220, 1410 Waterloo

Office 365 Spécial avec sauce Cloud
Plat principal
Windows 8 aux crevettes roses
Windows Server 2012 cookies
Intune à  la sauce Babi Pangang

1. Plus de ventes
2. Plus de talent
3. Plus de passion
4. Moins faim
5. Beaucoup de réseautage
Une chance de gagner une tablette Windows 8 ou une Windows 8 Phone
Microsoft Chinese quiz

Augmentez vos chances de gagner une tablette Windows 8 ou une Windows 8 Phone. Passez les évaluations ci-dessous et vous aurez déjà les réponses à  pas mal de questions du quiz !
MPN Sales Specialists & Competency assessments:
» Small Business & Cloud
» Desktop & Windows
» Windows Intune
» Management &Virtualization
Questions ? Contacter :

Inscrives-vous maintenant

Microsoft Chinese quiz


Lead Your Customers to the Cloud with Practice Accelerator for Office 365 –

Now with updated content and a new delivery format!

When you register for Microsoft® Office 365 Practice Accelerator (PA), you can help transition your customers
to the cloud easily and quickly with consistent success. PA training is exclusively for Microsoft partners and is
designed to:

· Enable the delivery of consistently effective customer deployments

· Equip you with specialized training, tools and best practices from Microsoft

Simply use five of your partner advisory hours benefit to pay for this Practice Accelerator.

Special Offer: No cost for Microsoft Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate partners

Accelerate Sales and Deployment

Use the comprehensive, reusable collateral to help you identify customer requirements, define project scope,
and deploy solutions built on Office 365.


Register Now to Bring Increased Value to Your Customers

This practice accelerator provides intermediate to advanced-level training in engagement management for
Office 365 deployments. If you are a practice lead, technical planner, implementer or consultant with basic
knowledge of Office 365, this training is for you.


Office 365 Practice Accelerator (French)



29,30/04 & 03/05

Office 365 Practice Accelerator: Introduction and Business Envisioning (for Business Decision Makers)



Need More Information?
Find it here.

Top 5 reasons to earn a Small Business competency

Capture the Small Business opportunity. Silver_promo

Small businesses are a key engine for global economic growth, employment, and innovation. With over 148M small and medium-sized businesses worldwide in with 350M PCs, now is the time to grow your small business practice.* As 75% of the market opportunity is comprised of Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solutions, Microsoft recognizes that the growing maturity of cloud computing represents a major revenue opportunity for partners in this market segment. The new Microsoft Small Business competency helps you showcase your expertise in helping small business customers leverage technology to differentiate themselves in the market. The competency equips you with the
sales and technical expertise to lead with Microsoft cloud-based services, while enhancing your ability to deliver enterprise-level capabilities that are cost-effective and highly reliable.

*Source: IDC, Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2010–2014 Forecast, June 2010

1. Differentiate your business
Build your small business expertise and help address small business customer needs by providing cost-effective, enterprise-level IT capabilities in the cloud or on-premise.

2. Gain exclusive competency benefits
Small Business competency partners gain exclusive benefits.
• Access expert Microsoft pre sales support and technical guidance with advisory support hours.
• Internal use licenses.
• Marketing materials in the Small and Medium Business Resource Center.
• Use Microsoft Pinpoint and the Office 365 Marketplace to increase your visibility and develop new customer connections.
• Bing advertising credits.

3. Gain market advantage with cloud technology expertise
Provide a deep understanding of cloud solutions that best fit small business customers’ needs.

4. Offer cost-effective services
Find the most cost-effective way to service customers efficiently with minimum overhead.

5. Expand your existing Partner engagement.
Microsoft partners in the following programs, competencies, and subscriptions today are well-positioned to achieve the new Small Business competency.
• Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC): Partner support will continue during a grace period until MPN and SBSC become a shared community experience. Earn the Small Business competency now to take advantage of deeper engagement with Microsoft, and receive rich benefits to help grow your business.
• Microsoft Action Pack Subscription: Action Pack partners who are investing / building a business in the cloud can gain expertise in small business specialized solutions.
• Mid-Market Solution Provider (MMSP): SMB-focused partners who provide technical expertise across IT solutions can be in the lead as the market transitions to cloud services.
• Cloud Accelerate / Cloud Essentials (CA/CE): Small Business competency creates opportunity for partners new to the cloud or partners actively building a cloud presence, while taking advantage of the incremental IUR and advisory hours not offered in CE and CA.

Small businesses are shifting IT to the cloud—be there when they do! Earn the Small Business Competency now. You can find more information in the Small Business Brochure. For any questions, take a look at our FAQ.

SB benefits