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Live Webcast | Reimagine SharePoint Development: A better way to customize SharePoint

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Event ID: 1032553224
Language: English
Product: Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Audience: Developer Generalist and IT Decision Maker

Join Senior Product Marketing Manager, Keenan Newton, and special guest Partner Director of Apps Program Management, Robert Lefferts, as we kick off our new site centered around migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. We will discuss the history of SharePoint customizations and where the SharePoint development platform is going. We will also highlight the benefits of the cloud app model and answer any questions that you may have.

The webcast will be broadcasted on Channel 9.

This will be the first live webcast in a series of webcasts focused on migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. These webcasts along with this site will help SharePoint developers take meaningful steps in planning for the app model.

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Starts: Monday, May 20 at 18u00
Duration: 1 hour

Guidance for Partners Selling into SMB

If you work with small and medium business (SMB) customers, you know they have specific needs. In many cases they also face limitations on time, resources, and even budget.

To guide you through sales conversations with this unique market segment, I’ve outlined a few key priorities and products you can focus on. Here are some recommendations on training and readiness to get you up to speed:

First, lead with the cloud. It’s a buzz word for a reason! Cloud solutions enable businesses of all sizes to reduce overhead and storage costs. This is an especially vital selling point for your SMB customers.

There’s real value for you as a Microsoft partner. Those who lead with the cloud earn more revenue from on-premise product deployments of Microsoft technology.

Get more training through this Cloud Sales Training – SMB Partners learning path.

Next, pull through Small Business Server. This is the optimal server platform solution for your SMB customers because it’s affordable, and simplifies small business IT. Small Business Server 2011 Essentials is a great option for businesses with up to 25 users. It enables those customers to organize and access business info from virtually anywhere — safely. Small Business Server 2011 Essentials integrates with cloud technology — providing a way of seamlessly introducing the server into a cloud conversation. Check out this Windows Small Business Server 2011 Sales learning path as a starting point.

Finally, continue to sell Microsoft Office 2010 with Windows 7. They work better together to help your SMB customers optimize the desktop, work and collaborate better, stay productive anywhere, and protect their work. We have learning paths for both Office 2010 and Windows 7 to help you get started.

Questions on readiness for selling to SMBs? Ask  Brigitte Hayes !