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Windows Phone back in the game: exclusive promotion through Tech Data

Since the launch of Windows Phone 7, we have received very strong
appreciations from our first users. Not less than 93% is satisfied to very
satisfied and 90% recommends Windows Phone 7 to others. It’s a smartphone which
allows you to become more productive with the best e-mail experience through
Outlook, MS Office for Mobile and SharePoint. It is ready for Office 365 and
future Windows Phone upgrades (like Mango) are included. And our marketplace
already contains over 17000 applications.

With the Samsung Omnia 7, you’ll have a powerful device with a brilliant 4”
Super AMOLED display at a very sharp price of €362. If you buy more for your
company or even for your customers, you might even save points for extra
hardware from Samsung or Microsoft.

And most of all: enjoy a great phone, which is different from all the

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