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Ready for the MPN Changes?

Earlier this week, previously communicated changes to the Microsoft Partner Network program officially went into effect. These include updates for Microsoft competencies and requirements.

Complete details of the changes can be found on the Microsoft Partner Network website, and you can refer to the Disclosure Guide that highlights what has changed.

Today, I want to call out one of the changes regarding Presales Technical assessments – and how we at MPN Training can help.

As part of the updates this week, Presales Technical assessments will now be required to earn the following competencies:

Collaboration and Content
Customer Relationship Management
Business Intelligence
Devices and Deployment
Enterprise Resource Planning

This requirement is designed to help you in your presales activities. Beyond being a requirement for these business areas, the Presales Technical Specialist program is a great way to boost your business: internal research shows that the impact of trained Presales Technical Specialists can lead to larger and faster deals. You can learn more about the Presales program here, and you’ll also find links directly to our partner learning paths, which show a recommended training path and can prepare you and your employees to pass the required assessments.

To help you make the transition to these new program changes, you can consult our learning paths. Also, take advantage of the Exam Pack offer to help you purchase packs of required certification exams.

Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Azure Technical Curriculum



Available Now! Be sure to leverage the Azure Technical Curriculum resources available today on the MPN learning path and be sure to register for the Live Webcasts!


Our new CEO loves learning

New CEO says he is defined by his thirst to learn. What will you learn next?
To quote Satya Nadella, “The one thing that I would say defines me, is that I love to learn. I get excited about new things, I buy more books than I read or I finish, or I sign up for more online courses that I can actually finish.” We’re inspired. Are you?

New Windows 8 Exams available !

Now available on Microsoft Learning: Exam 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 and Exam 70-689: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows 8. Note that Exam 70-688 is an optional exam for the Devices and Deployment competency.

More resources about Windows 8

New Resources about the New Office





Prepare for this exciting release of our flagship productivity suite by making sure you are up to speed with new Office training! New Office will help your customers achieve on their terms by delivering performance and convenience. Read the details below to see what’s available now & be on the lookout for what’s coming soon in licensing, sales and technical readiness. Happy Holidays!

clip_image003[1]What’s New

Be sure to leverage the following readiness tools for new Office:

· Ignite Office labs for the new Office/servers

NEW: Live@edu to Office 365 Upgrade Content

Access these online trainings to better understand the upgrade process to help your Live@edu customers and capitalize on numerous upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

· Technical Overview: This overview discusses the user experience and what you can do to prepare and add value to the process.

· Updating Provisioning Tools: This training provides an overview of Go Now steps, and discusses the current end user password experience and what the upgrade will look like in January. The training also discusses the differences between how Live@edu and Office 365 are administered, provisioning methods, and provides guidance for helping customers select an effective provisioning solution for Office 365, and deploying the Directory Synchronization tool.

· Updating to ADFS and Federation: This training can help you learn about identities, single sign-on, and how a federated identity enables users to access both on-premises and cloud-based organizations with existing credentials. The training also explains how Office 365 supports two modes of authentication for cloud and federated identities, and discusses deployment architecture and topology.

clip_image004Sales & Licensing (By Product)

OFFICE 2013 | OFFICE 365

· Meet the new Office Keynote

· Understanding the new Office Business Model

· Making Money with the new Office

· Selling the new Office to SMB

· New Office: Competing to Win Against Google Apps in the Enterprise

· New Office: Competing to Win Against Google Apps with Small Business Customers

· Getting Started with Office 2013: Licensing Readiness

· Office 2013 Product and Program Overview: Licensing Readiness

· Office 2013 Pricing and SKUs Overview: Licensing Readiness

· Office 2013 Migration and  Software Assurance: Licensing Readiness

· Office 2013 Basic Customer Scenarios: Licensing Readiness

· Office 2013 Complex Customer Scenarios: Licensing Readiness

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment (DE-de)

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment (ES-es)

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment (FR-fr)

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment (JA-jp)

· Office 365 Licensing Assessment (PT-br)


· First Look: Lync 2013 Technical Overview

clip_image004[1]Partner Academy Live Sessions (By Product)


· Creating New Opportunities with Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft Office 365

· How To Series: Learn How To Demo Office 365 To Your Customers

· Microsoft Cloud How-To Webinar Series Presents How To Close Your First Microsoft Cloud Deal and Increase Profits with Office 365 and Intune

· How To Demo Office 365 and Take Advantage of Limited Time Offers To Close Deals!

· Introducing “The New Office” to Enterprise IT Decision Makers

· Introducing “The New Office” to Small and Midsize Businesses

· Live@edu to Office 365 Upgrade: Partner Update


· How to Introduce “The new Office” to Enterprise IT Decision Makers


· Lync Server 2013 Overview

· Session: Lync Accelerate: Delivering a Lync Proposal

· Session: Lync Accelerate: Planning for Successful Lync Deployment and Rapid Adoption

· Session: Lync Accelerate: Planning for Lync Engagements & the Lync Customer Trial Programs

· Session: Lync Accelerate: Lync Deployment Options and Reference topologies

· FY13 Lync Accelerate Overview for Partners


· What’s New With SharePoint

clip_image004[2]Managed Services Provider Resources

· Sample Templates for Managed Services Providers

clip_image005Tech 100-200 (Instructor-led)


· Clinic 40027A: First Look Clinic: What’s New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

· Clinic 40028A: First Look Clinic: What’s New for IT Professionals in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

· Clinic 40029A: First Look Clinic: What’s New for IT Professionals in Microsoft Lync Server 2013

clip_image005[1]Tech 300 (On Demand)


· Installing and Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (Virtual Lab)

· Active Directory Synchronization (Virtual Lab)

· Configuring Active Directory Federation Services and Verifying Federation (Virtual Lab)

Learning Paths

Office 2013 | Office 365

o Sales

o All Roles

Exchange Server 2013​

o Sales

SharePoint Server 2013

o Developers

o Technical

Questions? Contact Chuck Botsford

Windows Server 2012 – available resources & training



The holiday season is quickly approaching—are you trained on Windows Server 2012 and ready to sell it in the new year? If the answer is “not quite yet” you’re in luck, as we have a number of readiness trainings and resources to get you up and running in the near future. Whether you are looking to update your Server Platform Competency or achieve an MSL certification, arm yourself with reports touting the benefits of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V or just looking to take a few overview courses on the key technologies, we’ve got the content.

So check out the links listed below and arm yourself with formidable WS 2012 knowledge and tools to end 2012 in success!

What’s New

New! Refreshed Server Platform Sales Assessment

The Sales Specialist assessment has been revised for Windows Server 2012 and is now available for you to take as part of your Server Platform Competency achievement. It’s in English only right now, but will be available in multiple languages later this year.

New Report: Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Meets High IT Demands, Saves on Costs

An independent evaluation recently published by ESG Labs reveals that Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V running SQL Server 2012 tier-1 workloads in a virtualized environment significantly improved performance, scalability, and the ability to reduce ITs total cost of ownership. The report is fully redistributable and a great tool for helping customers understand Hyper-V’s ability to meet their most demanding IT needs without sacrificing performance. For more information, check out the Server & Cloud blog or go directly to the full and summary reports.

Special Offer: Upgrade your Windows Server 2008 Certification

If you are interested in upgrading your Windows Server 2008 certifications, check this out: buy an MCSE–Server Infrastructure, MCSE–Desktop Infrastructure, or MCSE–Private Cloud upgrade certification exam set, and get an Exam 417 free offer along with complimentary training for 417 and free second shot offers on all of the exams in the pack. Request your certification today!

Free Study Guides Help Partners Pass Exams

Two free study guides are available to give partners the best prep possible to pass Microsoft Learning (MSL) exams. The guides were created by Microsoft Evangelist Keith Mayer, who recorded all the study resources that he used to pass the exams himself. Each guide helps partners self-assess their preparedness for each exam as well as providing free study resources for each objective area to quickly close knowledge gaps.

· Study guide for Exam 70-246: Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012

· Study guide for Exam 70-659: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization (Note: through January 2013, exam 70-659 may be taken in place of Exam 70-247: Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012)

Looking for Product Expertise? Try the Windows Server 2012 Learning Track

Don’t miss out on essential training available in the Windows Server 2012 learning track. There are more than 80 technical courses covering popular topics like Hyper-V, networking, and storage. Less techie-types can check out the sales and licensing training, get a product overview, or take an MSL course and exam that leads to MCSA/MCSE certifications. Try a course today!

Pre-Sales Techs: Take Assessment

The Pre-Sales Technical Assessment – which tests sales engineers on the sales and technical aspects of Microsoft’s Private Cloud, management, virtualization solution – is now available. The assessment also contributes to the Management and Virtualization competency, so get started today!

Can You Talk Windows Server 2012 Licensing to Customers?

Be sure to leverage the six licensing courses and assessment. These will teach—then test—your knowledge of the latest Windows Server 2012 licensing and pricing updates and overviews from simple-to-complex scenarios.

Sales & Licensing (On Demand)

· Selling Windows Server 2012: Understanding the Opportunity

· Selling Windows Server 2012: Product Overview

· Selling Windows Server 2012: Sales Scenarios & Strategies

· Selling Windows Server 2012: Compete and Objection Handling

· Selling Windows Server 2012: Transforming your Customer Conversations with the Whiteboard

· Growing Your Small Business Practice with Windows Server 2012

· Growing Your Mid-Market Business Practice with Windows Server 2012

· Getting Started with Windows Server 2012 Licensing, July 2012

· Windows Server 2012 Product and Program Overview July 2012

· Windows Server 2012 Pricing and SKU Overview July 2012

· An Overview of Windows Server “8” Beta

· Why Hyper-V? Competitive advantages of Windows Server “8” Hyper-V over VMware

· Windows Server performance improvements and optimizations

· Using Windows Server 8 for building private and public IaaS clouds

· Introducing Windows Server 2012 e-Book

· License Migration and Software Assurance for Windows Server 2012, July 2012: Licensing Readiness

· Basic License Scenarios for Windows Server 2012, July 2012: Licensing Readiness

· Complex License Scenarios for Windows Server 2012, July 2012: Licensing Readiness

· Windows Server 2012 Licensing Assessment

Partner Academy Live Sessions (On Demand)

· Windows Server 2012 for Service Providers

· Windows Server 2012 Disclosure

· Windows Server Licensing Update for Service Providers

· Windows Server 2012: OEM Licensing & CAL

Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

· Windows Server 8 Beta Download

· Windows networking with PowerShell: A foundation for data center management

· A deep dive into Hyper-V networking

· RemoteFX 2.0

· Optimal cloud performance with BranchCache

· Enabling the hybrid cloud using remote access appliances

· Network acceleration and other NIC technologies for the data center

· Using Windows Server 8 for building private and public IaaS clouds

· Designing systems for continuous availability and scalability

· Designing systems for continuous availability – multi-node with remote file storage

· Designing systems for continuous availability – multi-node with block storage

· Building continuously available systems with Hyper-V

· Designing the building blocks for a Windows Server 8 cloud

· Microsoft Private Cloud Technical Overview Course

· Focusing on Customer Benefits for Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012

· Understanding Microsoft Private Cloud Competition

· Course 20410A: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

· Course 20411A: Administering Windows Server 2012

· Course 20412A: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

Tech 100-200 (Instructor-led)

· Hands-On Lab 40006A: Hands On Lab: Windows Server 2012

Tech 300 (On Demand)

· What’s New in Hyper-V with Windows Server 2012, Part 1

· What’s New in Hyper-V with Windows Server 2012, Part 2

· Hyper-V Network Virtualization for Scalable Multi-Tenant Datacenters with Windows Server 2012

· Enabling Disaster Recovery for Hyper-V Workloads Using Hyper-V Replica with Windows Server 2012

· Changing the Landscape with Hyper-V Live Migration with Windows Server 2012

· IP Address Management with Windows Server 2012

· Hyper-V Switch Extensibility with Windows Server 2012

· Cost-Effective Business Critical Storage: Storage Spaces with Windows Server 2012

· The New File Server for Information Workers with Windows Server 2012

· Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2012

· Hyper-V Over SMB: Remote File Storage Support in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

· Cluster Shared Volumes in Windows Server 2012

· Unified Remote Access in Windows Server 2012

· Introduction to Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012, Part 1

· Introduction to Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012, Part 2

· What’s New in Active Directory with Windows Server 2012

· Overview of Server Management and Powershell in Windows Server 2012

· Designing a Unified Access Strategy with Windows Server 2012

· Windows Server 2012 Cloud Optimization with Branch Cache

· What’s New in Internet Information Services (IIS) 8 with Windows Server 2012

· Internet Information Services (IIS) 8 Application Initialization with Windows Server 2012

· Server Storage on Windows Server 2012

· Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012

· Architecting Cloud Optimized Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012

· Deploying Windows Server 2012

· Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server 2012

· What’s New with Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server 2012: Open Web Platform for the Cloud

· Overview: Server Virtualization in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Identity and Access Features in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Storage Improvements in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Web Application Platform in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Networking in Windows Server 2012

· Overview: Windows Server 2012

· Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs

Learning Paths

Windows Server 2012 Partner Readiness

o Executive-Business Decision Maker-Practice Manager

o Licensing Specialists

o Sales-Account Managers-Account Executives

o Tech Pre-Sales – Sales Engineers

o Implementer

o Architect

MPN Pre-Sales Technical Assessment for Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization

Saved Searches

o Implementers: Virtualization in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Networking in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Storage in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Identity and Security in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Management and Deployment in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Remote Access in Windows Server 2012

o Implementers: Web/App Platform in Windows Server 2012

o Windows Server 2012 Sales Specialist Learning Path

o Licensing in Windows Server 2012

o Private Cloud Training/Assessment for Pre-Sales Techs

o Windows Server 2012 Technical Features Overviews

o Tech Pre-Sales Courses and Assessment for Management and Virtualization

o Microsoft Partner Network Pre-sales Technical Specialist Competency Assessment for Private Cloud/Management and Virtualization

Questions? Contact Rodney Miller or Varun Chhabra

Windows 8 is here!





Windows 8 is here!

There’s been a lot of excitement on the news and in the press in regards to Windows 8. We are hearing rave reviews for the product which shows how our new operating system is once again changing the world. Check out a few of these great videos below to join the excitement:

· Catch the excitement and help us reimagine the world together. Check out this short video which shows the power of Windows 8.

· Check out our new Surface ad which shows why our new Surface device is a great choice for consumers and businesses alike.

· Finally, go to our Windows 8 Showcase site to learn more and get ready to meet Windows 8!

Partner Call to Action

1. Be sure to take advantage of all the sales, pre-sales technical and technical readiness content which is available today. We want every partner to be able to tell the Windows 8 story to their customers, friends and family.

2. If you have not already done so, download Windows 8 and practice your personal demo on all the hot new features with Windows 8 to your customers family and friends.

3. Go to Windows 8 Partner Marketing Center to download the Windows 8 Readiness Kit which includes demos, training and links to all resources to help you compete to win.

4. Be sure to leverage the Windows 8 marketing campaign resources.

clip_image004[1]What’s New

NEW Windows 8 Courses!

The Windows 8 Learning Paths have been updated with eight new courses! This new content is the latest product messaging, solution selling, partner value/opportunity, winning with our new devices story and pre-sales technical content for deployment and migration.

Windows 8 Opportunity for Small and Medium Business Partners

Windows 8 Solution Selling for Small and Medium Business Partners

Windows 8 Licensing

Windows 8 Opportunity for Enterprise Partners

Winning with Windows 8 Devices

Windows 8 App Platform

Windows 8 Deployment and Migration

Windows 8 Device Management

Special Windows 8 Partner Academy Mobile – Increase Volume Licensing Opportunities with Good-Better-Best Sales Model for Windows 8 and new Office: October 30th at 10:00a.m. (PDT)

We have updated the Good-Better-Best sales card to help you qualify opportunities and drive sales for Windows 8 and The New Office. Those who sell Select and Enterprise Agreements should be sure to join this webcast and learn about how to engage with customers, listen to their key pains, sell these new products with EA attach and more.  You will also learn how to handle objections against key competitors so you can successfully qualify and close the deal. This training is specifically tailored for LARs and SI Partners who sell into the Corporate Account segment with 250 PCs to 2,500 PCs who can take advantage of Enterprise Agreements, Select and other VL products.

· Date: Oct 30th at 10:00a.m. (PDT)

· Register here

clip_image005Sales & Licensing (On Demand)

clip_image005[1]Pre-Sales Technical (Level 200)

clip_image005[2]Sales (Partner Academy Live Sessions)

clip_image006Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

clip_image006[1]Tech 200-300 (Training and Exams)

· Exam 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

Learning Paths

o Windows 8 – for Distributors

o Windows 8 – for ISVs

o Windows 8 – for LARs

o Windows 8 – for SIs

o Windows 8 – for VARs

Important Links

o Windows 8 Partner Readiness Kit

o Windows 8 Certifications

Questions? Contact Pattie Grimm.