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Wie volg jij? / Qui suivez-vous ?

Every year, we ask our partners and customers for feedback. On many occasions, partners have raised communication and the overload of it.

Introducing…. or, your one-stop shop where you – as a partner – can indicate what information you want and where to find it. Because let’s face it, it’s not always that clear who to follow on Twitter, or to become member of what LinkedIn group. Let alone finding the right email in the overload in your inbox.

Our goal is to send fewer mails, but more tuned to your needs. You will also see different colors in the mails. There are 3 flavors:

  • the green ones: information on MPN or generic partner events
  • the blue ones: anything that goes out from a sub community of partners
  • the pink(ish) ones: all relevant information on training

So, go the site, indicate what your areas of interests are and you can immediately subscribe to the relevant newsletters or join the LinkedIn groups.

Let us know what you think about this and you can send us your feedback: via email, Twitter, LinkedIn and yes, even by regular post.

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Leads, leads, leads… Anyone interested?

“Just give me some leads” is the most heard answer to the question: “What would you like to get from Microsoft as a partner?”. Well, about 6 months ago, we launched Microsoft Pinpoint in Belgium (and in the mean time we are ready to accept Luxembourg partners as well).

Pinpoint is a new platform to allow partners to profile themselves towards potential interested customers, not to call them prospects. But, this is not your average listing tool, just showing a truckload of names. The goal is to really interact with customers. As this tool was built from the ground up, we could implement SEO principles from day one. For instance, every partner profile is an individual page, meaning that search engines can go right to your page on Pinpoint (if you make it attractive to these search bots of course). You could also link to your own profile on the Microsoft page, which might increase your site credibility.

Customers can also provide ratings (you know the 5-star system from any other website). This ratings will also help you to get ranked higher. You can create service and applications to show to your prospects what you are doing exactly.

But how do we get customers to this site? Well, I’m glad you asked. Last week we started an advertising campaign to generate traffic to a page explaining what a partner is and why you should work with our partners (another often heard comment that we don’t explain to customers what a partner is). Besides the display ads on numerous sites, we also had a panel on our homepage. We will surely repeat this in the near future, so don’t panic if you think you missed the boat.

Just make sure you get on Pinpoint. If you are… good, but maintain your profile so your customers have the latest info. If not, go the Get Listed page on Pinpoint and log in to the dashboard (please note it might take a few days before your access to the dashboard has been cleared).

Oh, and one last thing…Go and visit the site as if you were a customer. Would you buy from yourself? Is it appealing enough? You could have a look at what your colleagues in the market are doing? But, this is work for marketers. So get your creative engines going… And dazzle your potential customers…

Good Luck!

Welcome to the blog

We know, getting around all these websites for partners can be a pain. But we felt that adding a blog might help you here and there to lift some of the information from the spider web of sites out there.

Introducing… The BeLux Partner Blog.

At (ir)regular times, will post info that we deem relevant on this blog. But it’s also an ideal way to show you around behind the scenes of Microsoft. So, you can hopefully get a face with that name you’ve been hearing. It just makes it all a bit more personal, doesn’t it…

But you can also let us know what you think. Feel free to comment at any time. If we do something good, it’s nice to know that, but if we drop the ball somewhere, let us know as well. You can also follow us on Twitter or connect with your colleague partners through LinkedIn.

But don’t worry, this blog is not a second Partner Portal. It’s merely an attempt to be a front door for some of the interesting info floating around somewhere in cyberspace. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog as well, so you don’t miss anything we’re posting…

We are looking forward in serving you with the interesting things we can find, hoping your partner experience will improve. Because in the end, that’s our goal.

Once again… Welcome…