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The BeLux WPC 2014 journey has officially begun!

Dear Partners,

We’re happy and excited to announce that we’ve well arrived in Washington, D.C for the WorldWide Partner Conference 2014.

This year we are present with a huge BeLux delegation. With no less than 176 Belux attendees, amongst which 136 partners, we have by far exceeded last year’s attendance amounts.
Today the conference was officially launched with registrations and a great welcome feeling in the convention center. We’ve also been able to enjoy a Welcome Reception and with the BeLux sub we’ve watched the Worlcup Finals in a wonderful venue during our welcome lunch. 
Just like the previous years, we have organized a number of great side-activities with the BeLux delegation to enhance networking and accelerate our partnership. Of course we are also very much  looking forward to the many interesting and valuable break-out sessions. We’re especially excited about the Vision Keynotes taking place on Monday at 8:45 am and Wednesday 8:45 am, US local time. Satya Nadella will be giving an inspirational speech on Wednesday. If you want to follow either of these keynotes, make sure to stay tuned because we will be sharing the link to follow the Live Streaming.


Thank you for now, we’ll be coming back to you with more updates and hot news.

Greetings from Washington,
Leïla Minten MPN Lead BeLux

The new Office

Office 2013 and related servers are now available.  Try the new Office so you can see firsthand how this powerful combination can benefit your organization.


Best experience across devices     

Improve mobile productivity.  Increase employee satisfaction and retention.  Simplify and save with per-user licensing

Stay connected to your business  

Collaborate in new ways with social, voice, and video.  Reduce your organization’s costs of video conferencing, telephony, and travel.

Security without compromise       

Keep your organization’s critical business data protected.

Streamline legal discovery.  Comply with industry and government regulations.

Run it the way you want

Reduce software deployment and update costs with streaming.

Accelerate adoption of online services.  Reduce IT operations costs with common tools.


Take a look at what press are saying about the new Office

The new Office is the best Office”   Gizmodo

makes Office more relevant in today’s multi-device world”   WIRED

fast, polished and painless to use”   Engadget


Try the new Office today and find out how it can take your organization to the next level

of productivity.

Your input is needed… Help a student!

A few months ago a complete make-over has been done on our communications to partners. As you probably all have noticed the Microsoft newsletter to partners was completely reworked and since June all partners have the possibility to opt in for extra newsletters depending on the partner’ field of interest. After executing this make-over and letting it run for a few months we are interested in what you as a partner think about our new concept. With your feedback we can keep working on our communications to partners and keep improving it! We want partners to get the information they need, on the right time and this in a way we are sure it is comfortable for partners to read. In this way we are sure that all important info will reach you as a partner in a good way. Again we aim to you, partners, to fill in this short survey and help us improve our communications to you!

Survey in Dutch – Survey in French

This survey is being done by student Yanne Lintermans as part of her internship. So, if you don’t do this for us, do it for her.

Practice Accelerator for Microsoft Office 365


Build a Services Practice to Fast Track Your Business

Practice Accelerator (PA) is a Microsoft offering designed to help partners build a technical services practice around Microsoft solutions. PA is a comprehensive set of reusable tools, resources, and best practices introduced in training delivered via Microsoft Live Meeting. PA enables you to identify customer requirements, analyze their needs, scope projects, plan solution requirements, and deploy Microsoft solutions. Practice Accelerator can help you build your business capacity. The complete, reusable documentation set includes project guides, templates, architecture guidance, and planning and design guides, as well as leave-behind materials for your customers.


Become ready to help your customers transition to the cloud with Practice Accelerator for Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 takes the industry’s most recognized set of productivity and collaboration tools and delivers them as a subscription service. With these cloud services, your customers’ organizations can lower overall costs and deliver the right set of tools for the right users, all with appropriate layers of security and compliance.

You can use your Partner Advisory Hours to pay for Practice Accelerator. Ten advisory hours will be deducted from your organization upon registration.




DELIVERY INFORMATION Cost – 10 Partner Advisory Hours (Partner Advisory Hours are the payment method for Practice Accelerator). Cloud Essential and Cloud Accelerate Partners can participate in this Practice Accelerator at no cost.

Attendees –Participants should have basic to intermediate (100- 200) technical level in the solution, but we recommend a 200 level to get the most out of Practice Accelerator.

Delivery method – PA for Office 365 is presented by Microsoft experts via Microsoft Office Live Meeting for 4 hours per day over 4 consecutive days (totaling 16 hours). Daily outline can be found by clicking HERE.

Azure lunches: Food for thought

We believe that many companies out there still have questions and second thoughts when it comes to Cloud. That’s why we are setting up some Azure lunches, open for all and free to attend. The set-up is simple: we’ll bring the food, you bring some thoughts.

  During the lunches, Azure Microsofties will be available to think with you about your questions. Our hope is to inspire you and help you with your next step into the Cloud. So why not spend your lunch time at Microsoft – Here are a few dates we’re proposing, pick one and Register Now

– Thursday 23/02

– Thursday 08/03

– Thursday 22/03

– Thursday 05/04

– Thursday 19/04

– Thursday 03/05

– Thursday 17/05

In case you have a problem when registering – just send a short mail to with your date of preference. Feel free to bring along a customer, partner or friend. The lunches are open for all !

Ps: max 6 persons per lunch

Prepare for the Virtual SQL 2012 Launch event!





With over 157K downloads of the CTP3 and Release Candidates, and the Virtual Launch Event fast approaching, it’s time to brush up on everything that’s new in SQL Server 2012 and make sure you’re ready to leverage opportunities with our enhanced database platform, BI and developer tools. This update is to ensure you are aware of and can take advantage of training available now.

Below you can find:

1. Updated exam information

2. Updated Learning Paths

3. Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

4. Technical On Demand, Hands-on-labs Online

5. Developers

1. Microsoft Learning has updated exam information for SQL Server 2012. Those exams and preparatory courses with links have additional information:





Querying Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Administering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases

5 days


Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Developing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases

5 days


Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft® SQL Server® SQL Server 2012



Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

5 days


Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012


The Hands on Labs have been upgraded to Release Candidate. See the Technical section below for the replacement links.

Learning Paths

2. Updated Learning Paths role-based to help partners find training suitable for them. The SI path has been updated with MSL’s instructor-led courses and exams.

§ SQL Server 2012 (Product)

§ System Integrators

§ LARs

§ VARs

§ Distributors

§ Hosters

Scroll down for a list of on-demand training available now in the Partner Learning Center (PLC):

3. Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

We have three mini-course (saved searches):

1. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for BI Consultants

2. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for Database Administrators

3. SQL Server 2012: Technical Overview for Application Developers

that include the following titles:

For BI Consultants:

§ Technical Overview of New Features: SQL Server Code Name Denali

§ SQL Server: Data Discovery and Managed Self-Service BI

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Credible, Consistent Data

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Complete Data Warehousing Solution

For Database Administrators & Developers:

§ Technical Overview of New Features: SQL Server Code Name Denali

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Required 9s and Data Protection

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Blazing Fast Performance

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Organizational Compliance

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Scale on Demand

For Application Developers:

§ Technical Overview of New Features: SQL Server Code Name Denali

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Optimized Developer Productivity

§ SQL Server Code Name Denali: Extend Data Virtually Anywhere

4. Technical On Demand, Hands-on-labs Online

The following Virtual Hands-on-Labs in the PLC have been upgraded to Release Candidate:

§ Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Exploring Project Power View – level 200

§ Microsoft SQL Server 2012: What’s New in Datawarehousing and EIM – level 300

§ Microsoft SQL Server 2012: What’s New in Manageability – level 300

§ Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Contained Databases – level 300

§ Microsoft SQL Server 2012: AlwaysOn Availability Groups – level 400

5. Developers

SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit contains labs, demos, and presentations to help developers learn to develop database and BI solutions using SQL Server 2012.

Learning Paths

§ SQL Server 2012 (Product)

§ System Integrators

§ LARs

§ VARs

§ Distributors

§ Hosters

Other Resources

§ Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Release Candidate (RC0)

§ SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

§ Tutorials for SQL Server 2012 updated for RC0 

§ Virtual Launch Event

SQL Server Migration Assistants:

· Download of the SSMA for Oracle

· Download of the SSMA for Sybase

· Download of the SSMA for MySQL

§ Download of the SSMA for Access



clip_image005 clip_image006

To receive the latest training information subscribe to RSS feed per competency

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Newsletter

Dear CRM enthousiast,

In this newsletter we want to provide you with an overview of important training opportunities on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The subscription links are included in the post. Hope to see you all there !

Year after year thousands of technology professionals come together at the TechDays to network with peers and experts, while diving deep into Microsoft technologies and learning about the latest products and solutions.

In an effort to broaden the topics of the conference there will also be 3 sessions about Microsoft Dynamics on the TechDays agenda. All 3 of them are scheduled on February 14:

10:45 – 12:00 > Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Better Together (Wim Coorevits)
13:00 – 14:15 > Integrating on premise Line Of Business applications with CRM Online (Sam Vanhoutte)
14:30 – 15:45 > Extending the reach of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Application with the next-gen tools (Jeroen Doens)

ð You can register to attend these sessions by buying a 1 day TechDays ticket on February 14  but 2 or 3 day packages for the conference are available.

ð Don’t forget to invite your customers. In attach you can find customizable email marketing where you can add your logo on it or include in your newsletter.


Hope to see you at the TechDays 2012!
Questions? Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or simply via e-mail.


Sales @night CRM 29/02/2012 More info & Registration
Technical Evening CRM 21/03/2012 Save the date
Sales @night CRM 24/04/2012 Save the date
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Sales from “Click to Close”  On demand training More info & Registration
Selling the Business Value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On demand training More info & Registration
Having the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customer Conversation On demand training More info & Registration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Pricing and Licensing On demand training More info & Registration
Compete to Win: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and On demand training More info & Registration
How to Sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On demand training More info & Registration
Click-Through Demos for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011  On demand training More info & Registration
Best regards,

Siska Bossuyt

Business Group Lead Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg

Phone +32 474 99 71 30

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