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It’s an application on Windows 8(.1) and Windows Phone to find trainings available for Microsoft Partners. The app spots the training options for you!

Why should I install it?

  • It will filter all relevant trainings for you, based on your profile
  • No need to do extensive lookup, the app will notify you of new training opportunities in an automatic way
  • Take full advantage of all training resources that are available for you as a Microsoft Partner
  • The best news is: the app proactively notifies you of new relevant training session for your role. Use the Live Tiles in the Windows start screen to take full advantage of the feature

New in V2?

  • More trainings available, including local in-person trainings
  • The improved design allows to easily navigate, favorite and share trainings
  • Login option available so you can synchronize profile and favorites between devices (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8)
  • Classroom trainings prioritized


Install the app on your start screen in order to receive the notifications when a new training, matching your profile, is available.

Install now on Windows 8
Install now on Windows Phone


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