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1. Sales Windows Azure Blitz training 3/04 EBC Brussels


Learn in this sales training about Microsoft’s Cloud OS and how to position Windows Azure with customers to accelerate and expand your services businesses. Attendees will learn how to deliver the holistic Cloud OS pitch and to identify opportunities that drive more and richer SharePoint, BI, App Dev, O365, Storage, and Infrastructure deals with Windows Azure.
This training will enable you to accelerate existing deals, open new doors and elevate status with customers, build new pipeline, expand to new offerings, and grow their incentives payouts.

2. Technical Windows Azure Blitz training 10-11/04 Amsterdam


The Partner Practice Enablement training starts with an introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks (Infrastructure Services).  It delivers the foundational knowledge needed for users intending to run new workloads in Windows Azure or migrate existing workloads from on-premises.

Students will be introduced to the rich features of Windows Azure Active Directory and see how it can be used to achieve single sign-on across cloud applications, protect application access, enforce multi-factor authentication, and integrate with Windows Server Active Directory.

The latter half of the boot camp builds on the technical knowledge from the first half, shifting to coverage of common workload scenarios for cloud computing, such as Dev/Test, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and monitoring of workloads running in Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

Throughout the training, students will see presentations and demos followed with recommended resources and hands-on training experiences.


· Infrastructure Services Introduction

· Infrastructure Services Networking

· Windows Azure Active Directory

· Windows Azure Active Directory Integration

· Cloud Services, Websites and Infrastructure Services

· Development and Test

· SQL Server and SharePoint

· Management and Monitoring

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