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1. (Log out of any Hotmail or other Windows Live ID’s/Accounts that you do not want to associate.)

2. Belgium (French):

Belgium (NL):

Click <Sign In>


3. Select the Sign in and sign in with your Windows Live ID Account.

4. If you do not have a Live ID, choose then <Sign Up now>.

5. If you have Live ID you want to associate, type in your credentials then <Sign In>.

6. Find your Organization and click <Search>.

7. Fill out your Individual Profile. I recommend you to use the same “Contact E-Mail” that you used for your Live ID.  Click <Next>.

8. Search for your Organization using either tab. Click <Next>.

9. Choose and Confirm the Organization listed that matches your Company Profile and click <Next>.

10. Read the message in the next window. If you did not use a Contact E-Mail that matches your Organization’s domain, you will need to wait for approval from your Organization’s Primary Contact.

11. Within 24 hours of approval you will receive an email. You need to click the link in that email. Complete your Individual Profile and acknowledge the Microsoft Partner Network Agreement in order to finish the process.

12. When you see the “Congratulations” page you have finished. You will now have access to the Microsoft Partner Network.

(To see you Company’s Account, log in here. To view or edit your Individual Account Profile, log in here. To search for PLC events log in here.)

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