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Dear Partner,  

Gaming is much more than a pleasant pastime for young people who spend hours behind a television screen.  Gaming contains technics and technologies that provide an added value for company and organization applications, also in the health sector!

 That’s why the Microsoft Innovation Center invites you to: Serious Games, Serious Business”!

On this inspiring afternoon you become acquainted with:

applications that games and game technics offer to the health sector

opportunities and challenges in the national and international Serious Games market
ideas of all present speakers during an open panel discussion about entrepreneurship and Serious Games

experts and entrepreneurs out of the Dutch and Belgian gaming industry

Furthermore we launch a call for a participation of 4 Flemish gaming companies in Games4Health in Utrecht on November 4-5.

Date & Place:

Thursday June 20 at 3.30 pm
Business Faculty Brussel
St. Lendriksborre 6, 1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek



Participation is free and you can subscribe via below link:

Please note that the sessions take place in Dutch.

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