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Windows 8 Store Apps UX – 25 & 26 JUNE @Kontich


Windows 8 is a new digital canvas where you can showcase your creativity and flair with apps that reach hundreds of millions of people, from consumers to business people using LOB apps. The platform provides unique features like Live Tiles, Contracts and Cloud services, so you can engage your audience more deeply in new and creative ways. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a designer and we’re pleased to invite you to a 2 day hands-on Windows 8 UX Design training to learn how to design great apps.

In this training you’ll learn from experts on Windows 8 app UX design and apply what you’ve learned by working on an assignment of a Windows Store app, in different stages. During the course of the workshop, we’ll have experts on Windows 8 app design on hand to review your UX and design and answer your questions.

The content is tailed to introduce non-UX experts to the concepts, so if you are a project manager or developer this is a tailored training to help you get a better understanding of building great Windows 8 apps.



1) UX introduction

2) UX / Design principles of Win8 UI

    – 5 UX / Design principles

    – Anatomy of a Win8 UI

3) How to build a GREAT application

    – the UX process in action

4) Designing for TOUCH

    – Ergonomy

    – Differences with mouse & keyboard interaction

5) Cases

6) Workshop

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