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Over the last month, our support centers experienced higher than anticipated customer and partner technical support volume. We anticipate this will continue through the June timeframe until our action plans to remediate are fully deployed.  Please accept our sincere apologies for the degradation in Support experienced by you and your customers. We are working diligently to get this resolved.

Who is impacted?

  • Any Partner who is calling into the Standard Office 365 Phone numbers for technical support may experience delays in support response and issue resolution.
  • We are not seeing high hold times when calling into the MPN phone numbers and getting routed to the Dedicated Cloud Partner Support Team (Apollo).
  • If you experience high hold times exceeding 20 minutes when calling MPN Support, send mail to

What can you do?

  • Submit non-Severity A incidents online through your Partner tenant to avoid phone delays and reach the Dedicated Cloud Partner Support Team (Apollo).
  • Submit Severity A incidents first via online. Then call in via phone for immediate support engagement.
  • Please contact the alias if you are not satisfied with the progress on a case. We can reroute it to Partner Support.

Where can I find Top Support Issues information?

  • The Service Upgrade Guide is your best resource for getting details on how to minimize negative impact to you and your customer’s organizations.
  • Outlook Connectivity issues that occur post upgrade are addressed in the Service Upgrade Guide.  Please visit the After the Upgrade and Known Issues sections in the Service Upgrade Guide.
  • We have great support articles and tools to help, but finding them can be difficult. Let us help you find them!

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