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When you register for Practice Accelerator (PA) for Flexible Workstyle you receive an overview of a persona-based approach to solutions for the Windows 8 operating system, to help you fully understand the needs of both the individual end user and IT. Develop repeatable practices to help enable customers to provide convenient and safe access to corporate information while enabling the flexibility that end users need to work across a broad range of technologies and platforms. Practice Accelerator for Flexible Workstyle. PA training is exclusively for Microsoft partners and is designed to:

· Enable the delivery of consistently effective customer deployments

· Equip you with specialized training, tools and best practices from Microsoft

Simply use five of your partner advisory hours benefit to pay for this Practice Accelerator.

Provide Offerings Your Customers Can Count On

Use the comprehensive, reusable collateral to help build the exact Windows 8 solutions that meet

your customers’ individual needs.


Register Now to Bring Increased Value to Your Customers

This practice accelerator provides preparation and guidance you can use to help your customers make the
most of Windows 8. If you are a practice lead, technical planner, implementer or consultant interested in enhancing

or building a Flexible Workstyle practice, this training is for you.


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