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Dear Microsoft Partner,

Pinpoint is Microsoft’s central technology marketplace and is designed to help customers easily find the experts, applications, products, and services they need to support their business success. Pinpoint generates approximately 2500 customer prospects for Canadian Microsoft Partners each month. Furthermore, Pinpoint is promoted on over 25,000 Microsoft websites, therefore it is important that your organization is listed on Pinpoint to ensure that you are benefiting from these investments.

Here are some instructions to get your started on profiling your organization on Pinpoint:

Get listed on Pinpoint:

· Get List Guidelines: or

· Put your ‘customer hat’ on and identify what your customer is looking for and how you can differentiate your organization from your competitors

· Use popular ‘customer key words’. See attached document for popular customer key words

· List your Applications and Professional Services separately and ensure your popular customer key words are in the title

· Start obtaining customer reviews to increase your ranking on Pinpoint. You can use a to-customer email template attached. Partners are 10 x more likely to attract prospects if they have customer reviews!

Pinpoint Pointers (Video Tutorials):

· How to use the Pinpoint Dashboard

· Optimize your Pinpoint Profile

· Frequently Asked Questions

Partner Testimonials:

· Search for Office 365 and Cloud Computing Leads Customer to Watch video here.

· Paying Attention to Your Profile Pays Off, Say Active Directory Experts, Itergy. Watch video here.

· Cloud-IT Scores Multinational Lead from Pinpoint and the Office 365 Marketplace. English Video. French Video.

Pinpoint Profile Search Ranking Results:

· Your Pinpoint profile ranking is based on 3 criteria:

1. Customer key word matches

2. Microsoft credentials (competencies)

3. Customer ratings and reviews

Get listed on the Office 365 and/or Dynamics Marketplace:

· Get listed on Office 365 Marketplace (for Cloud Accelerate Partners only). Guidelines: or 

· Get listed on Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Guidelines: or 

· Designed specifically to showcase experts, applications, and professional services that extend the value of Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Dynamics, this comprehensive marketplace helps customers easily find, demo, and buy partner offerings that work with Office 365 products or Microsoft Dynamics products

Thank you for your continued support!

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