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Join us for an hour with Dr. Petri I. Salonen around how to be successful in business with Apps!

Why should you join?

-There has not been more exciting time for developers like today with the new rising app ecosystems

-Any business requires solid business planning. TELLUS has delivered tons of business modeling workshops for Microsoft and Microsoft partners around the world by using an industry strength business modeling framework based on Dr. Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas

-The speaker Dr. Petri I. Salonen can provide highlights of how Microsoft partners are transforming to the cloud and how app business will change the way businesses are built using the Apps and the cloud

-The audience will learn the basics of Business Model Canvas and how it can be used to plan an App business


– Why you should care about an App business?

– How ecosystems are changing the software landscape.

– How the cloud has changed the way we create solutions.

– Microsoft cloud technology and its impact on your app business planning.

– Creating an app business requires business planning

– Introduction to Business Model Canvas –a framework to model your business.

– Different ways to monetize your app business.

– How to ensure that your app provides real value and has the right target market segment

– Some consideration on how to ensure that your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is good enough for your App store.

– Getting your apps to the market

– Publishing your app to the App store

– Some guidelines of marketing your App

– Example of an Windows 8 App

About Dr. Salonen:

– Business doctorate from Helsinki School of Economics (faculty of technology management) in Finland, MSc in Management Accounting from Hanken School of Economics

– 15+ years in the US (Dallas, Texas)

– Formerly corporate CEO for a leading BI and data warehouse vendor

– Entrepreneur – TELLUS International, Inc

– Former Worldwide President for International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP)

– Active speaker and writer of books, articles around software industry and globalization


– Twitter: @DrSalonen

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