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2 weeks ago we closed the Microsoft TechDays 2013 in Antwerp. Close to 2900 IT Professionals, Developers and Students enjoyed 90 sessions with top content led by a broad selection of international and local top speakers. A special THANK YOU goes to our partners, our MVP’s and MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team) members and of course, all our enthusiastic attendees!

What’s next?

The session videos and slides are now available on! (Re)live the sessions and take the next steps to truly master the technologies.


Warm up with a selection from our Technical Evanglists Arlindo Alves and Katrien De Graeve:

Arlindo’s Top Selection Katrien’s Top Selection
Hackers (Not) Halted with Paula Januszkiewicz Become a Windows 8 and Windows Phone App Developer at TechDays with Ben Riga
Moving from Device Centric to a User Centric Management with Corey Hynes Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Optimizing ASP.NET 4 and 4.5 Applications with Mads Kristensen
Windows 8 Client: Part 1 “The OS internals for IT-Pro’s” andPart 2 “The Application internals for IT-Pro’s” with Tom Decaluwé Behind the scenes of (as many) C# language features with Bart De Smet


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