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Today the new MPN Portal went live in Belgium and Luxemburg and it has some exiting changes! Powered by Microsoft SharePoint, your new website offers features to help you make the most of your membership and its benefits. Usability and functionality are key here! Below you can find the four most important improvements to the new portal.

A clean design

The portal has been redesigned to a fresher, cleaner look. More condensed pages, breadcrumbs, and task-driven navigation help you find the information you need more quickly.

Personalized content

Sign in on the Portal with your Windows Live ID associated with your partner organization. This way, you get the content most relevant to you, personalized according to your membership profile. This means that, rather than getting standard content for all, you get content that is connected to your profile. Sign in here to the Portal and see it for yourself!

More robust support

Easily get answers to your questions with the new support functionality. There are multiple possibilities for you to get support. For example, you can type your question in the Virtual textbox of select one of the Top Support Questions. Next to that, here you can find the number for the Regional Service Center or submit incidents online via email. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, a single click connects you to a live chat with a support agent.

Improved search

Built on Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint technology, the search capabilities on the new portal deliver more relevant results, more quickly. Also, you can now filter search results and use contextual search to find content within site sections. New filters enable easier navigation of your search results. And last but not least, a unified search federates search results from multiple external sources.

The new MPN Portal has also been pre-populated with query suggestions based on the most popular search terms from the legacy MPN Portal.

Visit your new portal today!

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