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Windows 8 is here!

There’s been a lot of excitement on the news and in the press in regards to Windows 8. We are hearing rave reviews for the product which shows how our new operating system is once again changing the world. Check out a few of these great videos below to join the excitement:

· Catch the excitement and help us reimagine the world together. Check out this short video which shows the power of Windows 8.

· Check out our new Surface ad which shows why our new Surface device is a great choice for consumers and businesses alike.

· Finally, go to our Windows 8 Showcase site to learn more and get ready to meet Windows 8!

Partner Call to Action

1. Be sure to take advantage of all the sales, pre-sales technical and technical readiness content which is available today. We want every partner to be able to tell the Windows 8 story to their customers, friends and family.

2. If you have not already done so, download Windows 8 and practice your personal demo on all the hot new features with Windows 8 to your customers family and friends.

3. Go to Windows 8 Partner Marketing Center to download the Windows 8 Readiness Kit which includes demos, training and links to all resources to help you compete to win.

4. Be sure to leverage the Windows 8 marketing campaign resources.

clip_image004[1]What’s New

NEW Windows 8 Courses!

The Windows 8 Learning Paths have been updated with eight new courses! This new content is the latest product messaging, solution selling, partner value/opportunity, winning with our new devices story and pre-sales technical content for deployment and migration.

Windows 8 Opportunity for Small and Medium Business Partners

Windows 8 Solution Selling for Small and Medium Business Partners

Windows 8 Licensing

Windows 8 Opportunity for Enterprise Partners

Winning with Windows 8 Devices

Windows 8 App Platform

Windows 8 Deployment and Migration

Windows 8 Device Management

Special Windows 8 Partner Academy Mobile – Increase Volume Licensing Opportunities with Good-Better-Best Sales Model for Windows 8 and new Office: October 30th at 10:00a.m. (PDT)

We have updated the Good-Better-Best sales card to help you qualify opportunities and drive sales for Windows 8 and The New Office. Those who sell Select and Enterprise Agreements should be sure to join this webcast and learn about how to engage with customers, listen to their key pains, sell these new products with EA attach and more.  You will also learn how to handle objections against key competitors so you can successfully qualify and close the deal. This training is specifically tailored for LARs and SI Partners who sell into the Corporate Account segment with 250 PCs to 2,500 PCs who can take advantage of Enterprise Agreements, Select and other VL products.

· Date: Oct 30th at 10:00a.m. (PDT)

· Register here

clip_image005Sales & Licensing (On Demand)

clip_image005[1]Pre-Sales Technical (Level 200)

clip_image005[2]Sales (Partner Academy Live Sessions)

clip_image006Tech 100-200 (On Demand)

clip_image006[1]Tech 200-300 (Training and Exams)

· Exam 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

Learning Paths

o Windows 8 – for Distributors

o Windows 8 – for ISVs

o Windows 8 – for LARs

o Windows 8 – for SIs

o Windows 8 – for VARs

Important Links

o Windows 8 Partner Readiness Kit

o Windows 8 Certifications

Questions? Contact Pattie Grimm.

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