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Windows Server 2012

Many of you have already taken some of the 60+ courses now available in the Windows Server 2012 Readiness Learning Path. But do you know you can also take online assessments to test your knowledge?

§ Pre-Sales Technical Competency Assessment for the Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization: This 60-question assessment (don’t forget to take the 4 courses that contribute to it first) quizzes pre-sales technical roles on the key selling points and technical aspects that will help enable you to make your first Windows Server 2012 sale. Passing the assessment by 80% or better contributes to the achievement of the Management and Virtualization Competency.

§ Windows Server 2012 Licensing Assessment: While not related to a competency achievement, this 9-point assessment exam will ensure you know the basics of the new pricing and licensing schema in this release. But you only get 3 tries to pass, so make sure you’ve taken the latest licensing courses first.

§ Coming Soon! In October, we will be releasing the Windows Server 2012 Sales Specialist Assessment. In the meantime, you should take the 5 sales courses that will prep you for the upcoming assessment.

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