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Come and attend this first occurrence of this Office 365 hands-on session on the 3rd of April, from 14:00 to 17:00 ! Come and try for yourself the product !

Office 365 is a simple, competitive and easy-to-use collaboration tool in the Cloud!! Come and see how the Cloud can work for your business.

Office 365 enables you to:
> keep familiarity—while getting flexibility
> keep reliability—while getting scalability

> stay in control—while going virtually anywhere

Agenda of the session

· Presentation of Office 365 (the Cloud offer, how your data is kept secure, the pricing …)

· Concrete examples of Belgium SMEs who have chosen Office 365!

· Hands-on ! Come and try for yourself this simple collaboration tool with the other attendees

Important: you don’t have to be technical to attend this session. All types of profiles and users are welcome!

Speakers: Patrick Viaene, Cloud Sales Manager at Microsoft Belux
Jacques Denies, School Technology Innovation Center Manager at Microsoft

For more information
and to register click

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