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Office 365 Hands-On Session: April 3rd


Come and attend this first occurrence of this Office 365 hands-on session on the 3rd of April, from 14:00 to 17:00 ! Come and try for yourself the product !

Office 365 is a simple, competitive and easy-to-use collaboration tool in the Cloud!! Come and see how the Cloud can work for your business.

Office 365 enables you to:
> keep familiarity—while getting flexibility
> keep reliability—while getting scalability

> stay in control—while going virtually anywhere

Agenda of the session

· Presentation of Office 365 (the Cloud offer, how your data is kept secure, the pricing …)

· Concrete examples of Belgium SMEs who have chosen Office 365!

· Hands-on ! Come and try for yourself this simple collaboration tool with the other attendees

Important: you don’t have to be technical to attend this session. All types of profiles and users are welcome!

Speakers: Patrick Viaene, Cloud Sales Manager at Microsoft Belux
Jacques Denies, School Technology Innovation Center Manager at Microsoft

For more information
and to register click

Practice Accelerator for Microsoft Office 365


Build a Services Practice to Fast Track Your Business

Practice Accelerator (PA) is a Microsoft offering designed to help partners build a technical services practice around Microsoft solutions. PA is a comprehensive set of reusable tools, resources, and best practices introduced in training delivered via Microsoft Live Meeting. PA enables you to identify customer requirements, analyze their needs, scope projects, plan solution requirements, and deploy Microsoft solutions. Practice Accelerator can help you build your business capacity. The complete, reusable documentation set includes project guides, templates, architecture guidance, and planning and design guides, as well as leave-behind materials for your customers.


Become ready to help your customers transition to the cloud with Practice Accelerator for Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 takes the industry’s most recognized set of productivity and collaboration tools and delivers them as a subscription service. With these cloud services, your customers’ organizations can lower overall costs and deliver the right set of tools for the right users, all with appropriate layers of security and compliance.

You can use your Partner Advisory Hours to pay for Practice Accelerator. Ten advisory hours will be deducted from your organization upon registration.




DELIVERY INFORMATION Cost – 10 Partner Advisory Hours (Partner Advisory Hours are the payment method for Practice Accelerator). Cloud Essential and Cloud Accelerate Partners can participate in this Practice Accelerator at no cost.

Attendees –Participants should have basic to intermediate (100- 200) technical level in the solution, but we recommend a 200 level to get the most out of Practice Accelerator.

Delivery method – PA for Office 365 is presented by Microsoft experts via Microsoft Office Live Meeting for 4 hours per day over 4 consecutive days (totaling 16 hours). Daily outline can be found by clicking HERE.

Kick-start your mobile business and leverage the power of the cloud

We would like to help you kick-start your mobile business for Windows Phone and benefit from the cloud (also for other mobile platforms like iPhone and Android).

Therefor we invite you for a one day free workshop where you will get up to speed around Windows Phone opportunities and cloud. You will get an insight in how to get started (with the help of Microsoft) with WP7 development and you will learn how you can leverage the cloud for your iPhone and Android applications. The morning is foreseen for a more business approach, in the afternoon the content will be more technical and we will go hands-on and put some apps in the cloud … so bring your labtop 😉

It’s ok to attend the morning and or afternoon only but you will get the most out of it by attending the whole day.


29th of March


8.45h- 9.15h : Coffee and croissants

9.15h 10.45 : Windows Phone : What’s in it for you and how to get started  (speaker: Christophe Peerens from Neomyic)

10.45h – 11h : Break

11h-12.30h : Leveraging the cloud for your mobile apps (speaker: David Sleeckx from 2sky)

12.30h-13.45h : Lunch

13.45h – 15.15h: Building your first Azure app – part 1 (Christophe Peerens + David Sleeckx)

15.15 – 15.30h Break

15.30h – 17h:  Building your first WP7 app leveraging Azure – part 2 ((Christophe Peerens + David Sleeckx)



CRP Henri Tudor

PO Box 144 66,

rue de Luxembourg

L-4002 Esch-sur-Alzette Free

parking places are available at the domaine Schlassgoart visitor car park

To register you simply send a mail to informing us you will be present for the morning and/or afternoon. Further details will then follow.

Feel free to forward this event to anybody who would be interested and let us know if you have additional questions via

See you on the 29th !

Activate your free Azure benefits in 3 steps

Developers working at a company that has a Microsoft competency have a nice set of free Azure benefits.  The benefits come with the free MSDN that comes with obtaining a competency (for example for the web development competency you get 10 MSDN accounts and 35 when you’re gold).
(check the overview of benefits that come with the different competencies)

Azure - Unlimited possibilities

Every MSDN has a value of 1500 € worth in Azure spending per year.

So in the case of a Silver web development partner yfor example, you could save up to 15000 € Azure of spending per year!

Here are a few steps to help you in the activation process:

1) The person managing the company profile in MPN should attach the developers that could benefit from a free MSDN account to the company with a LiveID. We recommend to use the business email address.

2) This person will then also be associated to the company and will get a Technical ID in MPN. This technical ID needs to be handed over to the developer.

3) Via the MSDN site the developer can then create an MSDN account and start using ALL MSDN benefits including the Azure benefits. Click on “Acces benefits from my account” on

If you encounter an issue in the process, please contact the free support number for Belgium at 0800 165 64. They will help you if you have an issue related to MPN or forward you if the issue is related to MSDN or Azure.

Hope this helped,


Your opinion counts… Take the opportunity…

satisfactionAs part of our ongoing efforts to improve relationships with our customers and partners, Microsoft will conduct a periodic worldwide Global Relationship Study via an independent market research company, IPSOS.

From March 8th onwards, you may receive e-mail invitations sent out from Microsoft Feedback ( requesting you to participate to this Satisfaction Survey. We are committed to increasing partner satisfaction and highly value the feedback we receive through this research, thanking you in advance for taking the time to participate.