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Office 365 Update for Partners: Transitioning BPOS customers to Office 365: Customer touch points (OFF218PAL)

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December 14th, 2011

Session Overview:
In this session, we will review the integrated approach we’re taking to help customers prepare for the transition to Office 365. This session will focus on the Relationship Marketing (RM) components of the transition process (e.g. email, web, etc.). The key objective is to outline for partners how we are communicating the “go dos” to customers.
Level: 100
Partner Audience: Partner Sales

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What to expect?

Academy webcasts are 1 hour online events for Partners and Microsoft employees using Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Connect with Microsoft and other partners; listen to Microsoft subject matter experts as they discuss their areas of expertise related to Microsoft’s sales and competitive strategy. Learn more about Microsoft’s products (including insight into products on the launch horizon); positioning of business value to customers; sharing wins from the field and how the account team won; world class selling skills and best practice; and leveraging Microsoft resources to maximize your productivity. Webcasts for partners caters to all depths of knowledge.

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