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The Cloud technologies offer you access to IT services at a reduced cost with increased flexibility. But what is exactly the Cloud, and how can it help concretely your business?
It is to answer this question that Microsoft and the MIC Brussels offer you this month a set of trainings to help you find out how the Cloud can bring concrete answers to you.
On 20th of October, don’t miss your monthly networking event MIC’s ThursDay, organized in partnership with BECI dedicated to how SMEs can innovate and benefit from Cloud services with concrete testimonials from the startup Getyoo and BECI!

SPECIAL OFFER: For the ones among you that will attend 2 MIC’s ThursDays between September and December 2011, you will receive a MIC Brussels Membership card for 2012 (Value of 499€) giving you free access to the MIC events for 2012 !!

Discover now the MIC Brussels new program for the following weeks:

Technical workshops for Developers.

Other sessions on the Cloud:

MIC’s ThursDays:the MIC Brussels monthly networking event: With inspiring startups, Best practices sharing and testimonials!!

Workshops on Office 365 : find out how using this new simple Cloud collaboration tool can increase your productivity and reduce your cost.

Architecture design sessions:There are still places in November and December. We offer you an individual one-to-one to discuss your IT strategic choices (platform, architecture, or strategic technical choices.. ) with our MIC Expert David Hernie.

Remember: If you have any questions, if you are interested in partnering with MIC Brussels, or you wish to understand what the MIC Brussels can do for you ?Come and meet the MIC Brussels team at the Welcome Days.!

Choose the right session, whether you are an entrepreneur or not

Looking forward to seeing you at MIC Brussels!

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