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The big news is that in order to ensure that we have the most accurate revenue measurements in place, we are delaying measuring gold competency revenue until October 2012 (as opposed to beginning in October 2011). This delay will also give you more time to prepare to meet the gold competency revenue requirement. Detailed information is in the updated Gold Competency Revenue Guidelines.

What does this mean for you?

This means that until October 2013, you will continue with the same process that is in place today – agreeing to meet a minimum Microsoft revenue amount based on your respective geography and gold competency. Agreeing to the revenue amount will still take place during the gold competency enrollment process.

What happens when the requirement goes into effect?

Beginning October 2012, we will start to measure actual gold competency revenue attainment. Partners will need to meet the revenue amount by their next membership renewal date that occurs after October 2013, for which there has been a year to measure revenue achievement.

For example a partner with a membership renewal date of January 2014 will need meet the actual gold competency revenue amount by the time of membership renewal in January 2014 (as competency revenue begins to be measured starting October 2012 and this partner will have had a year to achieve the revenue amount).

Other changes include:

  • Slight changes to minimum revenue amounts
  • Eligible products for each competency are now listed in the Appendix of the Guide
  • More detailed answers have been provided to the frequently asked questions

Questions? Contact your nearest Regional Service Center or your account manager / account specialist.

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