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These Days, a respected and well-known innovative digital marketing agency in Belgium and Microsoft partner, realized a campaign for the petroleum company Q8. Customers can register online and win free petrol.

The campaign is available through You simply need to register and for every fill at a Q8 station you get an additional chance at winning free petrol. If you’re lucky, you could even get one year of free petrol at Q8 ! All prizes add up to more than 50.000 € of petrol.

In order to secure the scalability and availability of the web application, These Days made advantage of the Windows Azure Platform to build, host and scale the application.

The Windows Azure platform allows to focus on development and not infrastructure: there’s no need to buy servers or dedicate resources to infrastructure management and automated service management shields you from hardware failure and routine maintenance.

These days has profound existing skills with Visual Studio and .NET to build compelling applications so they went for a complete Microsoft stack. Nothing stops you however from building apps in Java, PHP or Ruby using Eclipse or other tools.

Everything you might want to learn about  the Windows Azure Platform is also bundled in one single training kit with videos, demos, code, labs, etc.

If you want to get started with the Windows Azure Platform but still have questions/remarks, don’t hesitate to contact

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