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Leads, leads, leads… Anyone interested?

“Just give me some leads” is the most heard answer to the question: “What would you like to get from Microsoft as a partner?”. Well, about 6 months ago, we launched Microsoft Pinpoint in Belgium (and in the mean time we are ready to accept Luxembourg partners as well).

Pinpoint is a new platform to allow partners to profile themselves towards potential interested customers, not to call them prospects. But, this is not your average listing tool, just showing a truckload of names. The goal is to really interact with customers. As this tool was built from the ground up, we could implement SEO principles from day one. For instance, every partner profile is an individual page, meaning that search engines can go right to your page on Pinpoint (if you make it attractive to these search bots of course). You could also link to your own profile on the Microsoft page, which might increase your site credibility.

Customers can also provide ratings (you know the 5-star system from any other website). This ratings will also help you to get ranked higher. You can create service and applications to show to your prospects what you are doing exactly.

But how do we get customers to this site? Well, I’m glad you asked. Last week we started an advertising campaign to generate traffic to a page explaining what a partner is and why you should work with our partners (another often heard comment that we don’t explain to customers what a partner is). Besides the display ads on numerous sites, we also had a panel on our homepage. We will surely repeat this in the near future, so don’t panic if you think you missed the boat.

Just make sure you get on Pinpoint. If you are… good, but maintain your profile so your customers have the latest info. If not, go the Get Listed page on Pinpoint and log in to the dashboard (please note it might take a few days before your access to the dashboard has been cleared).

Oh, and one last thing…Go and visit the site as if you were a customer. Would you buy from yourself? Is it appealing enough? You could have a look at what your colleagues in the market are doing? But, this is work for marketers. So get your creative engines going… And dazzle your potential customers…

Good Luck!

Windows Phone back in the game: exclusive promotion through Tech Data

Since the launch of Windows Phone 7, we have received very strong
appreciations from our first users. Not less than 93% is satisfied to very
satisfied and 90% recommends Windows Phone 7 to others. It’s a smartphone which
allows you to become more productive with the best e-mail experience through
Outlook, MS Office for Mobile and SharePoint. It is ready for Office 365 and
future Windows Phone upgrades (like Mango) are included. And our marketplace
already contains over 17000 applications.

With the Samsung Omnia 7, you’ll have a powerful device with a brilliant 4”
Super AMOLED display at a very sharp price of €362. If you buy more for your
company or even for your customers, you might even save points for extra
hardware from Samsung or Microsoft.

And most of all: enjoy a great phone, which is different from all the

Get more info on:

MIX11 – A recap you can’t afford to miss


MIX, is a gathering of developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating the most innovative and profitable sites on the web. This year’s event offers two days of keynotes streamed live and approximately 130 sessions available for download.

Sessions range from content strategy, usability and design topics to technical, code-based topics. You can watch the most  important announcements that were done during the keynotes of day 1 and day 2 but here are some of the

–     Perhaps the biggest announcement at MIX11 was the release of IE10 Platform Preview 1, just a month after shipping IE9 RTW.  Microsoft showed-off several amazing experiences built on IE9, including World’s Biggest Pac-man and  htttp:// All demo’s are available at

– New Opportunities and Capabilities for Windows Phone are coming later this year: IE9 for Windows Phone 7, multi-tasking, ringtone API, new languages support  (including Dutch), … If you want to get started now: All Windows Phone Developper tools are free.

– Windows Azure: Windows Azure helps developers build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft datacenters. New capabilities announced include services that accelerate application performance and enable secure and open access to Web applications through popular identity providers, including Microsoft, Facebook and Google. There was also a specific announcement on Umbraco and it’s Azure support. Umbraco is a very popular open source, .NET-based CMS application that is powering over 85K sites today.

WebMatrix updates: WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website
development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. It’s all-inclusive, simple and best of all free.

–  Silverlight 5: Microsoft also announced the immediate availability of the beta for Microsoft Silverlight 5, which provides advances in rich media and application development. New capabilities include Hardware Video Decode, for
enhanced video quality and performance. More information and a download of the beta are available at

– The Kinect for Windows SDK: a programming toolkit that will enable researchers and enthusiasts to access Kinect device
capabilities for  computers running Microsoft Windows 7 will become available. Check out the website for the SDK.

Recommendation: Watch the Day 2 keynote and browse through all available sessions and pick out the ones you find
interesting !