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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Updates

You probably know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has released, but are you aware of the vast amount of training and certification materials available to help sell, customize, and deploy solutions to your customers?

Learning paths

Role-based learning paths – available for sales and marketing roles, consultants, and developers – can help you to build skills relative to your area of specialization. They can also help you prepare for certification. The learning paths contain a variety of learning options, including on-demand webinars, e-learning, and instructor-led training courses. (Note: some materials require Microsoft Dynamics PartnerSource access)
Certification exams
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 exams will be required for the
CRM competency beginning late 2014. You can get a head start on these requirements as new exams are now available including:

In addition to the learning paths, these are some specific new training courses you may wish to take, to further your learning (note these require login to the Microsoft Dynamics website):

New Sales and Presales assessments coming soon
Updated versions of the Sales and Presales Assessments for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are in development and should be available in late February. These new assessments will be required for the CRM Competency in the future – watch for these assessments and take them in order to maintain your CRM competency.

SMB Bootcamps in March

Dear Partner,


Effective November 2013, the current Small Business Specialist Community Program (SBSC) has been retired. As a form of replacement, the Small Business Competency has been made available for you to gain. Maintaining or reaching this competency makes the value of your organization more visible to your customers and can earn you a number of additional benefits from Microsoft, such as Internal-Use Rights for the latest software.

To maintain or reach the Small Business Competency, you need individuals certified on both Windows Server and Office 365. Because we know your time is valuable, we have created a special offer for each of these certifications; the Microsoft Partner Readiness Bootcamps. These bootcamps are the quickest and easiest way to have you and your people certified on Windows Server 2012 and/or Office 365.

About the Microsoft Partner Readiness Bootcamps

These bootcamps are deep technical bootcamps that take place in two phases: Phase 1 is a 2-week self-study period, which is opened with an online kick-off session to help you get started. Phase 2 is a 2-day Instructor-led exam preparation, followed by the exam itself.

Phase 1: Self Study

In this phase, 2 hours study per day are recommended to prepare your skills. We provide you with all the necessary study materials, including official Microsoft course material, on-line labs, practice tests, Microsoft Virtual Academy e-Learning and a detailed study plan to guide you through this phase. This two weeks self-study period also includes an online Q&A session with a trainer to answer your questions and provide any support you may need.

Phase 2: Instructor-led Exam Preparation and Exam

Phase 2 is a 2-day online, Instructor Led, hands-on, event that will prepare you for the exam. All exam objectives will be covered during these two days.

After completion of phase 1 and 2 training, you will have all you need to take the exam. If you by any chance fail the exam, you are eligible for one retake free of charge (valid until 31st May 2014).

Included in your package:

· Kick-off session to guide you through the self-study period

· A detailed study plan outlining everything you need for the self-study phase including original Microsoft course materials, links, online-labs and add-on materials

· Q&A session to provide support mid-way

· 2 day instructor led training – a virtual classroom session (without any travel needs) which covers all necessary exam topics

· 1 Exam (à 150,- Euro) and a free retake if needed

Take advantage now of these all-inclusive, optimized, LLPA offered* packages, made available to Microsoft Partners exclusively:

· Register for the Microsoft Partner Readiness Bootcamp for Windows Server 2012 (70-410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012) for just EURO 1,000 per person here (kick-off 24th of March).

· Register for the Microsoft Partner Readiness Bootcamp for Office 365 (74-325 – Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses) for just EURO 695 per person here (kick-off 26th of March).

*The Readiness Bootcamps are organized by the Leading Learning Partners Association and realized by Compu’Train.

Azure Technical Curriculum



Available Now! Be sure to leverage the Azure Technical Curriculum resources available today on the MPN learning path and be sure to register for the Live Webcasts!


Our new CEO loves learning

New CEO says he is defined by his thirst to learn. What will you learn next?
To quote Satya Nadella, “The one thing that I would say defines me, is that I love to learn. I get excited about new things, I buy more books than I read or I finish, or I sign up for more online courses that I can actually finish.” We’re inspired. Are you?

Microsoft Partner Network Trainings

Welcome to 2014! At the turn of each year, it’s fun to make lists and quantify how far we’ve come. This year, rather than looking back, I want to share some great statistics to help you look forward to this year and be ready to take action.

First things first – check out this great infographic created for MPNTraining:

Some pretty cool stuff! Let’s dive into it a bit.

We talk a lot about certification and accreditation here at MPN Training. So why get certified and accredited? By the numbers:

  • 81% of hiring managers feel certified individuals are more effective1

What are the benefits of certification to teams? By the numbers:

  • Microsoft partners with 2+ accredited Sales Specialists earn ~3.5x more revenue per deal2

  • Presales Technical Specialists can generate 74% greater deal sizes with 20% higher velocity3

  • 91% of hiring managers say certifications help individuals get the job1

So, how much does training cost, anyway?

  • As a Microsoft Partner, your organization is eligible for inexpensive or even no-cost sales, technical, and business e-training.

“Early Experts” Study Guides Available for Updated MCSA Exams

This past month, Microsoft Learning has updated the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification exams to include new exam questions that relate to additional IT Pro tasks and new capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2.  If you’re currently preparing for MCSA certification, you’ll definitely want to check out the updated exam topics.  To help you prepare for the new exam topics in each MCSA exam, this month the blog site author is releasing a set of updated free Study Guides – one per exam each Friday – as part of an Early Experts “Free Guide Friday” series. Each Study Guide will include prescriptive resources and hands-on exercises to build your confidence with the new exam topics.

· MCSA Exam 70-410 Study Guide

· MCSA Exam 70-411 Study Guide

· MCSA Exam 70-412 Study Guide

New Partner Training Calendar

Dear Partner,

Interested in joining one of the coming trainings at Microsoft Belux?
Check out the new training calendar.

Are you on Windows 8(.1) or do you have a Windows Phone?
Download the training application at .



Datacenter training: Live stream & pizza

13th of February @MS Zaventem

Practice Accelerator for Data Center Infrastructure and Management

Join us for the Practice Accelerator online training Live stream on big screen while enjoying a pizza.


The Top 5 Things to Know About Practice Accelerator (PA)


What is it?

A training program designed to help you create a successful deployment practice

Who is this for?

Partner roles: practice leads, technical planners, implementers, and consultants

What do you get?

Training and resources to support the entire customer engagement

Why attend?

To learn best practices for consistently successful customer deployments

How much?

Use five of your partner advisory hours benefit as a partner with a gold or silver competency

Course Outline:

The Data Center Services Partner Opportunity (15 min)

· Server and tools business growth

· Services opportunity

Data Center Infrastructure and Management: Reference Architecture (45 min)

· What is product line architecture (PLA)?

· PLA design pattern overview

Data Center Infrastructure and Management: Fabric PLA (2h)

· Windows Server 2012 compute

· Windows Server 2012 storage

· Windows Server 2012 network

· Design patterns

Data Center Infrastructure and Management: Fabric Management PLA (2h)

· Database architecture

· Microsoft System Center 2012 architecture

· Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) integration

Data Center Infrastructure and Management: Engagement Framework (1.5h)

· Planning assets

· Delivery assets

· Timeline from presales to deployment

Questions and Answers (30 min)

Delivery Format

· Microsoft Office Live Meeting , Live streaming at Microsoft Office

· This offering is delivered through virtual, instructor-led, live training sessions over an eight-hour period (proceed to registration for additional details)


· Check your partner advisory hours

· Technical Presales Assistance

· Advisory Services

· Get Current Services



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Focus on drive to training, enabling career growth including certification

Become a Microsoft app expert.

Hands-on technical training helps you create new app experiences that scale across the tablet, PC, and phone. Whether you are building your first app in HTML5 with JavaScript or sharpening your competencies in C# and XAML, our comprehensive curriculum covers the skills and tools to broaden your expertise.  Reach your potential with training that fits your schedule and goals.

Choose from online learning or on-site classroom training that helps you continually learn the latest technology, build your skills, and advance your career. Further differentiate your skills with MCSD certification, the globally-recognized standard for developer excellence.

GO NOW to Microsoft Virtual Academy

What’s New in Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals

Is your organization using Windows XP or Windows 7? Watch this on-demand Jump Start to see how you can fast-track your organization to a more productive Windows 8.1 enterprise desktop environment. Windows 8.1 Enterprise provides IT professionals with a reliable and manageable infrastructure for today’s changing and increasingly mobile work styles. It’s the fastest and most secure OS from Microsoft for desktop, laptop, or tablet.


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